About me


My name is Sophie and my intention is to invite you on a journey where we will awaken our senses as we explore the world through a unique lens. This lens is in fact not the one found in the device I use to capture my pictures. I am speaking of the moments that stop me in my tracks and make me lift the camera to my face to take the pictures that speak to me. That, I dare say, shout my name. I must admit, in these moments I feel very much like a vessel, plugged into the divine which dictates the shot, and I hope in seeing these images you too may find within them the spark that animates the moment as it was captured.

To speak to that old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words you will find my bio in each and every one of these images with even more clarity than is laid out here. Because in these moments, when the light is just so, with the angle’s tilt dictated by the lines found within the frames lives an entire life, and this notion of entire lives living endlessly in one snapped moment is truly what inspires me.

What connects me to you, is my desire for you to find a visual so personal that it indeed becomes yours. And in bringing it home upon the canvas of your choosing you will find it brings vibrancy into your home or office.

At this point, ‘Who is Sophie’, you may ask?

At my most poetic I would describe myself as exploratory by nature, allowing my heart to dictate the snapshots.  Married to this soulful approach is a sense of formalism born of a conscious precision to truly capture a moment in all its fullness. I’ve been lucky enough to travel from a young age and I feel this has broadened my palette. Allowed me to truly soak in the different cultures and geographies that influence the senses and inform the photos I capture. In addition to this, comes a depth and knack for human understanding & development based on over a decade of expertise in life & business coaching. In addition, having been trained as a specialist skills facilitator, I now train internationally which also serves as a huge source of inspiration to capture an eclectic collection of shots in a variety of formats.

Everything from architecture, portraits, vistas and textures.

The thread that binds the work is a passion for humanity and a compassion for nature. Last year, I had the privilege of meeting acclaimed photographer Emmanuel Tolentino Santos and I asked him, somewhat naively: ‘ Emmanuel, what is the one tip you would give me in order to fulfill my passion as a photographer?’ and he simply answered – ‘Before anything else, find your light and share it with the world.’ This answer has had a major influence on my sensibilities and has provided me with a clear purpose for capturing moments and images that speak to my gut first and foremost, through the language of light, land and the living that is infused in every still.

I am fortunate to have found my inspiration, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Thank you for reading my bio and I invite you to see my work so that it may speak for itself. While you’re here please also check out my blog for more inspiring visuals and visit my website www.sophielicht.com And remember, art in some way speaks to us. Some might even say it shouts at us. It calls us out by our name when we allow ourselves the stillness to listen.

So I would encourage you to take your time, and be present with what you see and experience here. And I trust that something here may stop you in your tracks, the way it did me, when I took the picture. I hope like me you will feel that inextricable connection that bonds a moment with a person, because indeed: a picture is worth a thousand words.

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