Happy New Year to you

Growth will always occur as a result of challenges, we simply need them. As we say goodbye to 2018 & hello to 2019, let us remember to stop resisting hard times & by default invite new life and constant rebirth in. Happy Growth, Love and Light #happynewyear #2019 #loveforphotography #ilovephotography […]

Ths abstract opens up your inner world

Capturing the abstract gives me an intense feeling of freedom, in that space. You aren’t limited by what you see. It’s what that thing you looking at evokes for you. It allows for one’s personal journey to reveal itself and hope it does the same for you! Yours in chispa […]

Your horizon

The beauty of Manly Wharf in Sydney..Infinite horizon, where will life take me next? We need to remember that the life we creating is the result of a carefully synchronized dance move of making happen and letting happen. So where to from here and what about you? Clear your intent […]

Short & Sweet – Love yourself

I stumbled across this powerful message when walking the streets of NY last month. I think that’s a good message for today. Wishing us all to love ourselves that much more and focus on the stuff we can control..In that way, we remain positive and or fulfilled.

Left or right?

Which road to take? The one that brings you closer to yourself and life purpose. The more you do that, the more at peace you become with yourself. The more at peace you are with yourself, the more love emanates from you. The more you.can give to the world.around you…#truth […]

Dream it. Create it. Live it.

D-day minus 11!!! Happy, anxious, excited, feeling alive, bravery, craziness, committed, propulsed, universal energy, love, giving, receiving, feeling, being, doing, creating, flow, observing, synchronous, making happen, letting happen, focused, purpose, abundant, vision,connecting…These are the sum of the words describing the experience I feel working towards ‘Chispa’. What an extraordinary ride… […]

Chispa – my upcoming exhibition

What an honor to have been interviewed by Kutlwano Masote from Classic FM. The questions were centered around what inspires me as an art photographer, how I describe what I see. It is incredibly important to be able to articulate what one does especially when it is close to your […]

When dreams take shape


Crossing the finish line…

What I have learnt so far by wanting to achieve my goal is as follows – in order to unlock true potential, here are the 3 key ingredients: discipline, love and vision. Our natural instinct as a human being is to move away from Pain and move closer to Pleasure. […]