My dream come true…

Here I am, sitting at the kitchen table at 23:21 contemplating how lucky I am to be a month and a half away from my dream. My first photo exhibition. I feel both vulnerable and grateful. Excited and afraid. What if it doesn’t work? What if it works? What if…The […]


The picture was taken in Sydney, in one of my favourite buildings called QVB or the Queen Victoria Building. I landed that day but still wanted to adventure myself even if all the shops were closed and really connect with whatever was left from the busy day. The kind of […]

The path of least resistance

The path of least resistance is so important. We waste time or use our precious energy with people and things that don’t always flow. We disregard what works to focus on what doesn’t and then as if that’s not enough, we want to understand why it didn’t work out. Which […]

Back to Basics

I recently started a detox process, reason being – to increase my immune system. What I noticed is that when you detox in one area, it magically starts moving into other areas of your life. I firstly started by making daily healthy choices and cutting out all the comfort food. […]

Don’t let Fear ‘inter-fear’

When you allow fear to ‘inter-fear’ on your path, not only are you derailing from your flow and truth but you move away from your instinctive self. No person, event or situation has more value than you. Trust all the way!

Looking in or out?

Could it be about looking in and out instead of logically going for one or the other? I was at Afrikaburn, when I stumbled upon an immersive art piece in the middle of the Karoo desert. What drew me in were the vibrant colours, a backdrop that truly added an […]

The Secret Garden

The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Chinatown, Sydney, Australia is modelled after the private garden of the Ming Dynasty in China. What I found breathtaking is to stumble upon such a serene place in the middle of the bustling Darling Harbour. Stepping into this serene oasis every plant and leaf […]

Little Big Havanna

Calle Ocho, also known as 8th Street in Little Havana, Miami is where the heart of the Cuban community lives. As an avid fan of salsa music and overall Latin culture I gravitated towards this area. Although seen as a dangerous suburb in its outskirts, it is in fact bustling […]


The National flower of South Africa, known as the King Protea, is simply majestic. It commands respect. You cannot help but be mesmerized by the open shaped petals and its rich colours. It invites you in, unapologetically. For me, this is a symbol of pure awakening and growth. Like the […]